Thursday 11 August 2016

Bionic Gear Bag

Bag with pockets

I have been itching to make one of these for a long time now and finally got myself organised.   I bought the pattern quite a while ago from Sally Thompson aka Rip Stitcher.

This project took me about 2 days to complete and because I was so eager to get it finished I'm afraid there are no pictures of it in the making.

Side view of bionic gear bag

This bag is kept closed by a long zip from side to side.  It opens up to reveal 4 zip pockets, pouches and a useful tray to place your items in (whatever you may be using it for). 

either end of zips on bionic gear bag

It was a bit daunting starting off but the instructions were very clear and if you followed each section carefully it soon started looking like a bag.

inside zip pockets and pouch of bionic gear bag

It was rather exciting seeing it all fall into place.  The way the pockets fit together is intricately simple and so pleasing.

Inside of bionic gear bag

You can see in the above picture the tray at the front for your bits and pieces.

tray and pockets inside bionic gear bag

The tray is a bit clearer in this picture and you can see how the first pocket is a little smaller than the others.

showing the complimentary lining of zip pockets in Bionic Gear bag

I chose a complimentary colour for the inside of the pockets, the bindings and the inside lining of the side pieces.  Look how neatly the zips fit into the pockets.  It was a such a pleasure to put them in.

side view of bionic gear bag

The long zip was a little more tricky but I probably made it difficult for myself as I padded the binding on either side to help it match in with the side bindings of the bag.

I was very pleased with the finished result and loved the effect created by the pretty fresh fabrics.  If you fancy making one why not pop over and have a look at Sally's posts about it.  You wont be disappointed.

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  1. It's lovely but looks quite complicated to make to me way beyond my sewing skills I'm afraid. Have a great weekend. :) xx


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