Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jumbo Crochet Experiments

I'm very excited this week as I have been given the opportunity to design and make jumbo crochet cushions for an exculsive shop.

All I need now is to come up with suitable yarn to use and a stunning design or two!! Simples!!

Here are a few pictures of my first experiments

I tried a block pattern in dk yarn first and then in
 Boodles Yarn from Hobbycraft (recycled t shirt yarn)

These pictures show wavy stripes - not keen on this, it just
looked as though I hadn't crocheted the stripes straight!!

I decided on straight stripes in the end, but despite having
only completed one side of the cushion I used 3 balls of yarn!!

I like the results of this one!  Here I used Jute sash cord.  It comes
in 10m lengths and this used the whole 10m. Hmm .... need to give this some thought.
This circle measures 10" at it's widest!

I've not settled on the right yarn to use yet.   May just have to order some more for a little more experimenting.

If any of you have any ideas what you would use, or indeed have used, for a very, very, thick chunky cushion, all suggestions would be gratefully received.

Hope you have all had a good week.  
I'm off over to Handmade Monday now.
See you there!
Thanks for reading :)