Sunday, 3 November 2013

Camera case in Crete!

I'll start with a 'thank you' to all who left a comment on I shall wear purple!  They were fascinating to read and I'm so glad you all liked her!  I'll keep you posted on her progress over the next few weeks.

Quite a heavy visual post this time as we have been on holiday to Crete so I thought I would share with you the creation I made whilst we were there and a few holiday snaps.

I chose 4 bright colours from my Planet Penny cottons as I decided I would make a case for my camera

 I wanted plenty of protection for the camera so I used bobble stitch to create a dense fabric.

You can see how bright and cheerful it looks here.

 Not quite finished yet though!  
I just need to add an edging around the flap and a fastening of some kind.

It took me until nearly the last day of our holiday to complete this, but unfortunately at the very end of the holiday ....... the camera broke!!!!
I'll just have to hope I can get it fixed or that the next camera fits the case!

Anyway, here are a few holiday snaps to give you a flavour of just a tiny bit of Crete.

See you over at Handmade Monday!
Have a good week everyone!