Sunday, 29 April 2012

Circle of Love Handcrafted Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

What lovely weather for ducks!  Well at least it is down here in Devon!  I have a few things to share with you before I introduce you to the Cirlcle of Love Handcrafted Giveaway organised by the lovely Natalie of Free Spirit Designs.  I'm afraid this post feels like a bit of a marathon this week but I have so many things to talk to you about!  I haven't even shown you the bowl I've been making so that will have to wait until next week.  I suggest you make a cup of something warm and scrummy before settling down to read this one!  I definitely needed two or three whilst I was composing it!! Oh and I mustn't forget I am linking up to Handmade Monday so please pop over and have a look at what all the clever crafty people are up to this week.   Just one more thing ... I can't get my usual font to work this week.  I don't think I've done anything different!  Hopefully it will be back next time!

Previous Post

Firstly I feel I must start by thanking you all for your wonderful responses to my previous blog A question for you! Er sorry it ended up being questions!   I read and digested all your comments and have now decided what I will do is this! 

When I feel a comment requires a  reply I will post the comment on the most recent post on your blog, that way you wont miss it!  And don't forget you can always fill out 'Follow by Email' on the top right hand side of my blog or click on 'subscribe by email' just below the comment box.  I will also try and refer to the previous post replies (if it's necessary) at the beginning of the current post (like I have done today)!

Thank you so much for helping me clear up my conundrum!

Facebook Page

Ooh and just before I go any further, I have set up a Fiddly Fingers facebook page.  I would be most grateful if you could pop over and 'like' it for me.  It's early days yet and I am just getting used to it so please bear with me!!!  But the more that pop over to say hello the more interesting and fun I shall be able to make it.  Thank you!!!

St. Ives Visit

So many of you have said how much you love St Ives so I thought I would just give you a little snippet of the beautiful scenes we saw on our weekend away!  It was absolutely stunning!

We loved it so much we have decided we will go camping in June to a lovely campsite not far from the beach at Gwithian - the bottom right hand picture.  I can't wait!

OK now to ....

The Circle of Love Handcrafted Giveaway has started!! Enter now to be in with a chance of winning a wonderful collection of handcrafted prizes contributed by a group of talented craft bloggers - you've got from now until 12 noon GMT on Sunday the 13th of May to enter the draw and be in with a chance of winning it all!!

What can you win?

This is a knitted wire brooch by me! 
It is knitted with two strands of wire, gold and olive, with small golden seed beads and a centre of small tear drop glass beads

Long Linen Heart Garland Free Spirit Designs

HartFelt mini owl HartFelt by Heather

Pinups for shawls and scarves Lilees Gram Knits

 'Loveheart Tattoo Needle Felted Brooch'

The great news is that there are lots of ways to increase the number of times you are entered into the draw (please note that the giveaway is only open to residents of the UK and EU Europe):

How To Enter The Prize Draw On This Blog
1x entree for following my blog
1x entree for 'liking' my Fiddly Fingers facebook page
1x entree for 'sharing' the post about the giveaway on my Fiddly Fingers facebook page
1x entree for following me on Twitter
and remember, you can get 2x entrees by blogging about the competition!
Here are links to the other talented craft bloggers


Terms and Conditions
The Competition is only open to residents of the UK and EU Europe.
Items won in the prize draw are non-returnable and are distributed according to UK law.
To be entered into the prize draw entrants must leave a comment on the giveaway posts of the blogs that they've entered through saying what they have done.
If the chosen winner is found to have contravened any of these terms and conditions the participating bloggers reserve the right to select a new winner.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. We hereby release Facebook and Twitter of any liability.
Winners will be contacted by email within 24 hours of the end of the giveaway.
If you have any questions email

Monday, 23 April 2012

A question for you? Er sorry, it ended up being questions!

Hello everyone!

Hope you have all had a good week.  Some strange weather again, but some beautiful scenes with the combination of sun and rain. I am scheduling this post as I shall be away for Handmade Monday this time.  We are having a weekend in St. Ives down in cornwall, one of these £10 jobbies out of the paper.

My question is:

I always look forward to receiving your lovely comments and being a chatty person find it difficult not to reply!  But whilst I find it difficult not to reply, I find it equally difficult to reply!  It takes a tremendous amount of time, as I am sure you all understand.  I'm torn between the two!  If we were all in a room together I'd have no problem.  The problem would be yours trying to shut me up!

Then there is the other side of the coin.  If I do reply do you all really want to have to keep checking back to my blog to see when I reply?  As much as I like to comment on all your lovely blogs I know it eats into valuable crafting time when you have to keep a check on replies etc. It's very difficult juggling blogging and crafting.  I want to do them both!!!!

So what I am asking (is probably the impossible!) how can I reply to all the fantastic comments so that you lovely bloggers out there don't have to check back to my blog each time to see what I have said, and how can I make it easier for you to see what has been said without spending hours trawling through blogs to see who has written you a reply and who hasn't?  What do you all think? Do you have the same problems?  Have you found any solutions?

I have added a box for you to add email addresses so you get an email when I post on my blog, does this help?

I would value your views on this as I really want to keep in touch with everyone but I'm struggling to fit in the crafting!  Do you like to get individual replies or would one general reply suffice?  Would it be better if I started the next post with a response to the previous one?

Have a good week.  I'll try and answer each one of your comments this week! 

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post but I'll take lots in St. Ives and make up for it next week!

Bye for now

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pretty Bits and a Crochet Workshop!

Hello All

Well here we are at another Handmade Monday! Don't the weeks just fly by?  We've had a bit of rain for the garden and a few lovely bits of warm sunshine in the sheltered spots, so hopefully you all got the bit you wanted when you wanted!  I hope this next week turns out to be a really good one for everyone, not just weather wise!

I was really pleased to be a Friday Guest Blogger over at Christmas Pie Crafts last week so if you haven't already why not pop over and have a look.  You'll be able to see what Chester and Taffy cooked up between them!  Ooh and I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, very exciting as I have never been awarded anything like this before!

I meant to share this make with you for a while now but kept forgetting, so before I tell you about the workshop I ran on Saturday, have a quick peek at this!

I used a pattern from Attic24.  She makes some lovely things!  I don't think this one is quite as pretty as Lucy's but it was using carpet yarn and the colours aren't quite so bright.  I made it just after I finished Chester as I wanted something quick to do.

I've just started making Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion, this is as far as I've done but I'll keep you posted on progress!

Ok now to the workshop.  It was a one day workshop at Countess Wear Village Hall.  A lovely group of ladies who used a tremendous amount of concentration, punctuated by chocolate mini rolls to keep the blood sugar levels up!

Here's the hall set up ready for the students

And of course, Chester had to come along to supervise again!

Very busy!  Not a chocolate mini roll in sight - just a healthy looking apple!

Just a few of the projects completed by some of the ladies.
(Wonky photo - can't get it to turn around!)

I was really pleased with what all the ladies achieved, a couple really struggled with wrapping the yarn around their fingers (something I remember finding difficult when I first started) and during the morning I was beginning to wonder whether they would ever crack it.  They had a lot of information to take in, all in one day.  But fear not!  Everyone managed a granny square and some even went on to do a little bag and a flower. 

I had lovely comments from some of the ladies and thought I would like to share them with you.  It makes it all worthwhile!!

Excellent day!
I learnt absolutely loads and made 2 items!
Thrilled I could even read a pattern!

Very enjoyable course.
Clear instructions.
Thank you.

Great class!

Very interesting and informative!
Very patient teacher.
Would come again!

I think you'll agree I couldn't ask for better comments. 
Thank you to all the ladies who attended for making this a very enjoyable workshop!

Hope you have managed to take a look at what Taffy and Chester cooked up for me, they really did get in a bit of a mess!  I have a few other photos of Chester I know you're going to love but that's for another blog.  Hope you all have a really good week!
See you soon!

Big Chef, Little Chef - A birthday surprise for mum!

First, I think I ought to introduce you to the stars of this tale.  I would like you to meet Taffy.

Taffy is the first bear I crocheted.  He is crocheted from pure welsh wool – hence the name Taffy.  He often comes with us on our walks and gets up to allsorts of mischief, the adventures of which can be found over on my blog.

I would also like to introduce you to Chester.  He is an extremely large amigurumi cat, crocheted on a 12mm hook with 5 strands of yarn throughout.  You can find out how I made him, on the Chester page over on my blog.

It was my birthday on Tuesday so Taffy and Chester decided they would bake me a birthday cake!  They added flour and butter to the bowl but Taffy seems to have more flour on him than in the bowl!

Having added the sugar already they now need to add the eggs.  This proves a little more difficult than they thought!

Oh no Taffy!  You dropped an egg!  What a mess!  Not to worry!  Give it a good mix Chester, perhaps Taffy can give it one final stir at the end.

This cake is coming along nicely, mum will be pleased!  What are you doing now Taffy?  No, don’t lean over too far Taffy!  Now look what’s happened!

Look at the mess you two have made!  Although, between you and me, Taffy seems to have made most of it!  I think it’s about time we got that cake in the oven!

After a bit of a clean up and popping the cake in the oven it is finally finished.  I think you’ll agree Taffy and Chester have made a really good job of it – in the end!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A huge thank you to Christmas Pie Crafts for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award.  This was a complete surprise and very exciting as I have never received anything like this before!

Now the hard work starts though!  How do I chose just 15 bloggers to nominate for this award?
Well here goes, in no particular order!  My nominations are as follows:

Mrs Shilts

Highland Monkeys

1st Unique Gifts

Ros Made Me

Attic 24

Diane's Mutterings

My Calico Heart

In the Sky

This Creative Bliss

The Patchwork Heart
Three Red Apples

Heart and Handmade

Coryographies: Handmade Creations

Lemons for Lemonade

Sew Quine

Yay! I've managed it, although it has taken me a good few days.  I had no idea it was so difficult!  I'm aware I may have duplicated some people who already have the award but I hope they will be happy to receive another one!  If I've missed anyone out please don't be offended, it's an incredibly demanding challenge, as my 15 nominees will no doubt find out!

If you would like to know more about the Versatile Blogger Award all will be revealed if you click on the link.  One of the requirements is that you tell your nominee 7 things about yourself. So here are 7 things about me!

My favourite flowers are primrose and fuchsia.

I love bright colours.

I'm very chatty and love socialising.

I enjoy the odd glass of wine (or two!).

I detest turkish delight and aniseed!

I fell off my bike into a canal in Holland.

I have the most dreadful memory!

I hope you are as pleased as I was to receive this award.  I'm off to work out how to add the VBA button to my blog - could take some time!  And of course, I shall be contacting all the lucky nominees in my list.  Have a great weekend!

happy blogging

Sunday, 8 April 2012

A bit poorly!

Well hello again everyone!

Happy Easter to you all!  I am linking up with Handmade Monday over at  This is my first post for a couple of weeks so I hope you enjoy it, and why not pop over and have a look at the many other bloggers who are linking up to Handmade Monday!

Taffy's been feeling a bit sorry for me recently! 
Why you may ask?  Well you may or may not have missed me recently but unfortunately last weekend I was struck down with a tummy bug and it took me till at least Thursday before I began to feel better.

But I am glad to say I am back to my normal self  now (my husband said the volume has gone up again!  I have no idea what he means!).  So really this post is just a quickie to let you know I haven't forgotten you all and to apologise for not visiting many blogs recently.  I really hadn't the energy to turn the computer on!

The week before I was ill I went up to a small weaving company in Dunkeswell, Devon to collect some more yarn, mainly to use in the Extreme Crochet Workshops coming up soon.  They very kindly provided me with a car load ....

I was going to take Chester with me to show them what I was making with their yarn, but as the very sensible man said "Just bring a picture with you, leave more room in the car for yarn!".  Good job I did judging by the load I brought back!

What do you think to all these gorgeous colours?  It was like Christmas come early!  I was like a kid in a sweet shop! 

Just got to decide what to make with it now!

I am busy writing a post for Christmas Pie Crafts as I am her guest blogger on Friday 13th (unlucky for some!) so please pop over and visit her blog, we would both love to see you there.  Without giving too much away, Taffy and Chester will both be playing staring roles!

Bye for now
So pleased to be back and it's good to be feeling well again.