Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wire jewellery experiments

Thank you to all of you for your comments on Abbotskerswell Fair I'm glad you liked my packaging unfortunately it didn't make me any sales of the bunting though!

Here is a picture of my stall (on the left) and my sil Lime Green Lizzie (on the right).  You can just about see the lovely bunting made for me by Butterfly Blossom.  We had a pleasant afternoon and made enough to cover the cost of our tables and a bit extra and I got a commission for a string of crocheted teddy bunting for a little boy who is due in August by a lady who has bought from me before.  Always very pleasing to see returning customers.

This week I have been busy 'thinking' about how to promote my workshops and what workshops to offer.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to update my Workshop page so you will all know what is going on. 

Also this week I have been planning for the extreme crochet kits I am hoping to put together.

Here I am winding just one of the twenty balls I need for each kit!  I need to work out how much space 20 balls takes up in order to work out how I am going to package them!

I have also been experimenting with crocheting with wire.  I first tried out a shape in a fine silk yarn.

And then I did it in wire.  I haven't made the shape with it yet as I want to add 3 Swarovski crystals hanging inside from the top corner and think it may be easier to attach these before I stitch the shape together.  I think I may try them slightly smaller as well.  These are all 10 chain wide, about 1.5 inches and may be a little large for some people.  Perhaps I'll halve the stitches and see if that works?  What do you think?  I have many different colours for the wire so may not go with red/pink in the end.  Haven't decided yet!!  I'll let you know how I get on!

I am absolutely shattered now as we have been to a park in Taunton for a family picnic to celebrate my sil 60th birthday.  We had a lovely day, a game of rounders and a few goes with the frisby and the little ones had a great play park to amuse them.  Topped off by singing 'Happy Birthday' and a birthday cake!  A really lovely day :)

The birthday girl is third from the left on the front row and I am sat with one of Liz's grandchildren on my lap on the right hand side of the front row.

So, before I become too sleepy, I am off to have a look at what everyone else has been doing this week over at Handmade Monday.  Why not pop along and see for yourself!

Bye for now!


  1. It is really hard to judge the size from the photos. I love the design though. Have you thought of adding some crystals around the bottom? Good luck and have a good week :)

  2. Looks like it was a lovely warm day for your party too. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the wire crochet and how it turns out. Have a great week Mich x

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the results too. And what a great day for a picnic, so pleased that the sun shone for you.

  4. Looks like a hectic week, loving the stall, especially the bunting.

  5. Great family photograph, how many footballs does one family need? Your stalls looked very inviting to me and I am intrigued by your crochet wire experiment. One question...were Taffy and Chester not invited to the park?

    1. All Liz's grandchildren are boys, hence the footballs. They made rather good rounder bases too. My OH wouldn't let me take Chester :( Although he has been suitably told off as the birthday girl (his big sister!) wanted to know where he was too!!

  6. The stalls looks fab - love Lime Green Lizzie's bunting, very eyecatching! The day in the park looks and sounds like it was a huge success - everyone looks really happy in the photo. Shame Chester couldn't make it!

  7. The stalls look great, even better with Chester helping out. What a lovely happy pic - looks like everyone really enjoyed the birthday celebrations. Good luck with promoting your workshop - hope you get lots of bookings. The wire square looks so delicate and crystals added to it will be lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  8. Am looking forward to seeing how the crocheted wire turn out.
    Am glad you managed to find some sun amongst all the rain.


  9. I certainly cannot wait to see the finished product. Crochet with wire seems like it would be very difficult, but it looks really pretty! Love the big family photo. I miss my family so much! You have a lovely family.

  10. your crochet shapes look wonderful in the silk yarn - like pretty little bells or flower heads - i could see them strung together as a beautiful hanging garland - i like the idea of hanging the crystal in the wire version, i'm sure it will look really pretty when it done (i'm hoping you'll be showing us a picture next week! :) )

    i'm glad you took full advantage of the brief break in the weather (otherwise known as this years Summer...!)

    N x

  11. Your stall looks fab! Glad you and your sister in law enjoyed the fair and did well for yourselves. Thank you for sharing the link to website also :-) X

  12. The stall look great,very inviting.Sounds like you've been busy!

  13. I like the way Chester is sitting surveying all the goods! Bet he got lots of comments.

  14. Having your sil beside you at fairs, must be a great help for you both, as I bet you can cover each other's stalls when you need a break and have a chin wag of course. Well done indeed for making a small profit too - a good feeling I'm sure


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