Sunday, 17 June 2012

Maisy the Elephant

Hello Everyone!

Have we all got webbed feet then!  I've given up wishing for sunshine! Hope you've all had a fun and productive week.  I've had a bit of a break from the Jumbo crochet (not to be called extreme crochet anymore! I'll explain in a mo!) this week and decided to do something just for me.

I came across a gorgeous little crochet pattern for a tiny elephant. The pattern was designed by Sharon Ojala.  Her elephant was called Gracie but I decided to call mine Maisy.  She has two or three blogs and is on facebook too.  Here is the link to Sharon's blog Homemade Obsessions.

Below are the components that made up Maisy.  I put them on facebook with a caption "Can ya see what it is yet".  It brought a few smiles to people's faces!!!  I can't think why though!

I then added a few more bits to help people guess.  Although by the lack of guesses I had, I don't think it helped much!

Allow me to introduce you to Maisy!
Here she is all finished!

Maisy was made using a 1.5mm hook and cotton thread. She is about 3.5" tall.

Sharon's blog has some cute amigurumi patterns, I think I may have to try a few more!  She makes them available completely free of charge, just requesting that you credit her for the patterns if you use them.  A big thank you to Sharon for this and just to say, she was really taken with Chester and sent a lot of people my way to have a look at him, which I appreciated greatly!  Thank you :)

Jumbo Crochet
Well you may wonder about the change of name for all this enormous crochet I have been doing.  I wont mention any names but I came across someone else doing big crochet recently.  I thought extreme crochet was just a generic term for the extreme stuff, but it appears not!  So as I don't wish to step on anyone's toes I have decided to refer to mine as Jumbo Crochet which I actually think describes it more accurately.  What do you think?

Crochet Workshops
Also just to keep you in the picture Fiddly Fingers has now confirmed dates for September, October and November crochet workshops!  The workshops will be held down here in Devon and will be Introduction to Crochet, Textured Crochet, Jumbo Crochet and a Knitted Wire Brooch workshop.  I will put all the information together as soon as I can and add it to the Workshop page of my blog but in the meantime if anyone is interested please get in touch.

Ok, that's all for now folks!  I hope you have a really good week and I am now looking forward to browsing the wonderful things that all the lovely crafters have made over at

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  1. A teeny tiny hefalump - she is lovely. Sunshine today - hope you also had some. Thank you so much for commenting only blog posts - always very welcome and appreciated. Hope you have a good week.

  2. LMAO, that first picture did make me chuckle. Maisy looks very cute in her pretty dress

  3. Oh, I just love your elephant!

    Whoops re the name - but jumbo crochet sounds just as good. Maybe Chester needs an elephant (jumbo) friend now - a little larger than Maisy perhaps ;-)

  4. I think I prefer Jumbo Crochet. Extreme crochet sounds a bit 'trying to be cool' like extreme sports. Jumbo crochet has a friendlier ring to it.

  5. I love the elephant! Jumbo crochet has a certain quaintness about it in a way that extreme doesn't. Good luck on the classes.

  6. jumbo crochet sounds fab, and its certainly well worth side stepping any potential issue around the name further down the line..

    Maisy the elephant is adorable! as real cutie (who would look great 'jumbo' size!!) x

  7. What a cute little hefalump. Jumbo Crochet sounds as good, if not better than 'extreme'.

    Good luck with your workshops.

    Jan x

  8. cute little elephant my dear. I love the name jumbo I also thought it was a generic name for large crocheting as i had heard of extreme knitting before and this was knitting on large needles but hey ho youve come up with a much more apt word xxxx

  9. Maisy is really cute. She must be dwarfed by Chester. Jumbo crochet sounds great and somehow appropriate as you've just made an elephant. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  10. Jumbo crochet is a brilliant description of what you do. I thought extreme crochet was a generic term as well....bit like shabby chic! I like Jumbo better I have to say. Maisy is cute she looks really fancy in her posh dress.

  11. Maisy is lovely, really cute, looks like she's dressed to party!

  12. That is one cute elephant! Lovely work. x

  13. Yes, I agree a Jumbo Maisy to go with Chester would be fab! She's adorable, so pretty.
    The new name is great too, does exactly what it says on the tin.

  14. I saw the pictures on Facebook and have to admit I was a little stumped as to what it might have been. Love the finished article though, so cute. Who doesn't like elephants eh?!

  15. What a sweet looking elephant and so well dressed too.

  16. Maisy is so cute, I love her pretty little dress and bling. I agree with the others jumbo crochet sounds friendlier. Have a good week .
    jo x

  17. Lol, the first couple of pictures really made me laugh! Maisy is truely beautiful though, she turned out wonderfully!

  18. Jeepers I thought you were breaking out into the world of Crochet Erotica! Oh yes it is out there! 'Jumbo' would be verging on the obscene. Maisy is adorable, maybe Chester would like you to scale up he has a bit of company and someone to go on a hot date with.

  19. Oh my goodness! Is this the first time I've seen Maisy?! Hard to believe that but it's true. She's adorable, the dress is so pretty and with the beads too it's all so perfect!
    If you can, I would so love to see Maisy posted on Amigurumi Freely then I would put her into the member's album. She's too lovely not to share!
    I really appreciate all the kind comments even if I am getting to them long after you wrote them. It's better late than never, lol and they mean so much to me. Thank you for that! Definitely brought huge smiles to my face today :)

  20. Thank you for your lovely comment. I think I posted Maisy (Gracie) on one of your pages but can't be sure which one. I made another one for an elderly lady to keep at home for when her grandaughter visited. She was called Millie, I'll see if I can find a picture of her too and post them both over on Amuigurumi Freely. So glad this made your day, your comment brought smiles to my face to. We're so easily pleased aren't we? Lol :)


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