Wednesday, 19 August 2015

D's Bag

Long time since I posted I'm afraid but I have been busy, converting vans, wedding dress making, kayaking and generally enjoying the summer.

I'm still unable to show you anything of the wedding dress and I'm afraid the van is a very slow project!!  This is really why I haven't been posting, nothing really to show yet!

This post is simply because I needed to say too much to fit on Fiddly Fingers fb page!

I wanted to share these pictures with you as they have both been made by a very dear 87 years young friend of mine and I think she has done a wonderful job.

Each week I go over to see her we have great fun talking about what we have been making and I often take over things I've been working on to show her.  This has inspired her to have a go at things she would not normally have thought of.

Here is what she (D from now on) made recently.

dk cotton crochet bag

This is D's very own bag pattern. 
She put it together and worked it out as she went along.

cross stitch detail under bag flap
D wanted the straps to be long enough to put over your shoulder and during the project she came across this pretty little butterfly she fancied cross stitching.  She sewed it under the flap so it is a nice little surprise when you open up the bag.
crochet stitches used to make bag
The bag was made using dk cotton and a 3.5mm hook.  Here you can see the stitches used, basket weave and bobble stitch as well as double crochet.
zip pocket in bag lining before hand stitching
We decided the bag would keep it's shape better if it was lined.  I made the lining (as D has no sewing machine now) but am leaving the hand sewing for my friend to complete!!
A particular request was for a zipped pocket inside - now this is only the second one I have ever done and whilst easy enough, it's more time consuming than you think and a degree in maths needed for the measurements!!
Cover picture for fiddly fingers fb page
I took over a pattern for a little bag which I had used a while ago (you can see the one I made on the left of Chester on my fb cover picture above) ...
Crochet bag with frill and internal lining
I think D liked the idea of the frill on this one, so not content making the first bag just had to have a go at another!!  Once again I did the lining (minus a zip pocket this time) and am leaving it for D to finish off.

I hope you like what D has made, she gets so much pleasure out of trying out things that are new to her and always makes a fantastic job of them.  
She says it keeps her going!
If you would like to leave her a comment, we would both be delighted to hear from you and I'll make sure I pass them on as she doesn't have her own computer.

See you again in the "not too distant future" I hope!
Take care everyone,
Happy crafting!


  1. I think D's bag is lovely I love all the detail and the lining finishes it off perfectly. :) x

    1. She was very pleased with it when I took it over this morning. Thank you for your comment :)

  2. What a lovely design for a bag - and the crochet itself is beautifully done. D you are very clever to have worked out a great pattern, I wish I had that particular talent. I would rather like to have that bag myself. I love the pretty cross stitch design, it's lovely and I like nice surprises too - I stitched a little rabbit to put inside the bag I stitched for myself. Your colourful butterfly is so nicely stitched and looks beautiful. I love the different textures of the stitches you have used and the pretty flowers set off the bag perfectly. I really hope you enjoy using the bag.

    The frilly bag is lovely too. I'm partial to a flounce or too as well and the colour is gorgeous. I hope you continue to enjoy making such lovely things. I am so glad we were able to see them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment. D will be so pleased to know her work has been appreciated. Her tension is far neater than mine!! When I saw her this morning she had finished another one and started yet another!! Commissions being taken soon Lol! :)

  3. D sounds like a wonderful person - so creative and fun! Oh, I wish she were my neighbor ...

    1. She is wonderful - I love her to bits! We chat about all sorts of subjects but mostly crafts of one kind or another. I so wish she had grown up with computers, with all the inspiration out there, there would be no stopping her! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  4. Lovely bags! I like the little surprise butterfly on the first one :)

  5. Oh wow! Obviously D is naturally talented. Both bags are so very lovely and the little butterfly is a sweet little touch.

  6. Thank you for your comment Tammy. D is having a great time making all these different bags and as you say she is a very talented lady.


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