Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Fantastic Workshop

Hi there!

I have had a fantastic day today and thought I would share it with you all!

I ran the Knitted Wire Brooch workshop at Countess Wear Village Hall, Exeter, Devon today  and I am very pleased to say a brilliant day was had by everyone.   A lovely group of ladies, 8 in total, with lots of chat and laughter and some wonderful brooches made by the end of the day.

I took Chester with me today, to promote the two crochet workshops in April.  He managed to squeeze into the front seat on this journey!  He didn't look too comfy but didn't complain!

I arrived early to set up well in advance.  
Here is the hall, set up ready for use.

Chester 'supervised' the table with the beads and wire and the ever important tea and coffee!

He seems to have a certain 'air of importance' about him, don't you think?

Wire and bead colours chosen, we finally got down to business!

Here are a couple of brooches with the outside edge completed
and before the centre was added.  Looking good so far!

At this point we stopped for lunch and how lucky we were!  The sun was shining and there was a little sheltered spot just outside the hall door, perfect for a picnic!  Not the most scenic position (hence no photos) but good to feel the sun on your face.

After lunch, fat, full and drowsy after our session in the sun, we pressed on with the centre part of the brooch and finally got around to sewing all the components together.

Here are all the finished brooches.  Don't they look fantastic?

You may notice there are only 7 brooches but there were 8 people on the workshop!  One lady had been ill previously and this was her first day out.  Unfortunately during the afternoon she was feeling unwell again and decided to go home.  She just needed to sew everything together so took it with her to complete when she felt better.  We all wish her well and hope she starts feeling well again soon.

From the above photos I think you will all agree everyone produced a very unique brooch, some of which were being given as presents.

I'm about to blow my own trumpet now as I had wonderful comments from all the ladies, with requests for some more workshops (which I shall work on as soon as I can).  I hope you don't mind but I feel so proud and would love to share them with you.  I've listed them below!

"A very well paced day - very relaxing.  
Instruction sheet clear and plenty of personal attention"

"Great to learn a new skill"

"Great course
Great lady
Great way to spend a Sunday
Thank you"

"Fascinating day learning a new craft"

"Knowledgeable tutor, friendly group. Good size class.
Great to produce something in a day.
Lovely selection of colours of beads and wire.
A really enjoyable, creative day.
Thank you.
Look forward to further classes with Alison."

"Really enjoyed the knitted wire corsage course.
Many thanks"

"A lovely day - I'm so pleased with the end result.
Thank you"

The delightful ladies showing off their unique creations!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who joined me for the workshop and for your wonderful comments. 
 You really did make my day!
Alison x


  1. Oh Happy Days, look at Chester, sitting there all proud as punch, looking like 'the cat that got the cream'. I think you need to ask hubby to get you a convertible, it can't be good for Chester's posture to be travelling like that. You got some excellent feedback from the Workshop and your students created some great results. Well done indeed. There was not one mention of Chester in those comments, the poor lad sat there all day as good as gold making people feel welcome....he deserves a treat. Did Taffy have a nice day at home, some male bonding with Daddy?

  2. Chester is incredible did you make him?! I'm amazed you were able to see your mirrors with him in the passenger seat! Your session looked really successful, congratulations!

  3. I just love Chester. His expressions, the way he sits with his arms folded. I suspect you didn't make him as much as give birth to him - he's real, right?

    The class sounds fun and all the jewellery is fab x

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all, and it's good to 'blow ones trumpet'
    I'm glad the workshop was such a success, the jewellery looks amazing.

    Jan x

  5. What great feedback and great brooches. Chester is fab, he looks like he was the doorman keeping all the troublemakers away. I can only imagine the surprise on peoples faces when they saw him in the passenger seat! x

  6. Well done on your class and the results are wonderful

  7. How lovely to receive such brilliant feedback - everyone appreciated all the effort you'd made to plan their day - Chester too. What a beautiful selection of brooches were made - well done.

  8. The brooches look fabulous-and Chester,he's fantastic!

  9. Brilliant brooches... where is Chester's?

  10. wow Chester is brilliant did you make him? Love the colours of the wool he is created with! It's fantastic that you got so many lovely comments on your workshop. All the brooches are so different and really pretty!

  11. You mus be so pleased to have lovely feedback and much deserved too! The brooches look very pretty and Chester...well he is just amazing!

  12. Sorry for lack of personal replies this time, but my computer died on me and I had to get a new one. Only picked it up today and have to catch up with soooo much stuff even after just a few days. Will be back up and running properly in the next few days.

    All your comments are wonderful, thank you.


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