Friday, 9 March 2012

Taffy at the Dentist!

Hello everyone

As you will know from my previous post we all had our 6 monthly check-up at the dentist recently, including Taffy!

Poor Taffy!  This was his first ever visit and he was a little anxious to say the least!  But, do not despair, everything went well!
This is our fantastic dentist, we have known him for many years now (longer than I care to calculate!) so I knew Taffy would be in good hands.
He soon put Taffy at ease.
Can you see how relaxed Taffy looks?
Open wide Taffy!
"Everything looks fine" said the dentist "See you again in 6 months".
Phew said Taffy!
Taffy is looking very pleased with himself now!  The dentist gave him a sticker for being such a good teddy!
I think this may have been a first for the dentist, as well as Taffy!
What do you think?


  1. Hi, what a lovely blog! Thanks for the welcome and dropping by my blog. Chester is amazing! Taffy is so cute and very brave at the dentist. I look forward to reading more

  2. Lovely to receive you comment and so quick! Glad you like what you have seen, keep in touch and I will pop back to see what you have been up to soon.

  3. Well done Taffy for being a brave bear! It is so wonderful to see a dentist who does not discriminate, offering Taffy nothing but a thorough and professional dental once over. It is very important for crochet bears to have good oral hygiene. Twould be awful if Taffy had a tooth ache or even worse halitosis. He looks very proud of his Spiderman Sticker. I do wonder what adventures he will be having next. It is important for Chester to receive some Care in the Community too, I fear you are neglecting the big fella!

  4. In the Sky: A brilliant comment as usual, made my husband and I roar! I can assure you Chester is not being left out, I'll put a picture on twitter (if I can remember how to do it). Chester is sat in the chair next to us and I think you will agree, he looks as though he has been on the vino as have we! So definitely not left out! Lol!

  5. Alison you are mad, but i love you. I would love to see Chester in the dentist chair, just the look on the dentist face would be good to see, lol. Brilliant blog, Andrew will sleep well tonight after his fix of Taffy and Chester x

  6. Funny post! Glad Taffy's visit went well.

    1. Glad you liked it! I try to take him on adventures from time to time. Why not pop over to facebook and 'like' my Fiddly Fingers page then you can be kept up todate with what both Chester and Taffy are doing. Would much appreciate it!

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