Friday, 2 March 2012

Taffy helps with the household chores!

Hi everyone!

I'm supposed to be doing housework! but I thought I would check a few emails and ended up blogging!  Got to go to the dentist later :(

I thought you may want to see what Taffy's been up to lately.  I've been meaning to post these for a couple of weeks now but with one thing and another didn't get around to it.

It was actually raining outside and Taffy was bored
He very kindly offered to help me with the household chores.  You can see he means business as he rolled up his sleeves to get stuck in (well, took off his waistcoat really).
Here he is cleaning the toilet!
Cleaning the bath!
Cleaning the mirror!  Who's that in there? They look just like me!  Very handsome!
Taffy's helping to collect the washing ready to put in the machine!
Loading the washing machine!
Noooo!  Taffy you're not supposed to be on that side of the machine!  Jump out quick!

Well that's it for now, hope the photos made you smile!  You'll be glad to know Taffy did get out and lived to tell the tale!  He has some new boots now and tried them out last weekend but that's another post, when I get around to it!

Taffy's not so keen to help this week so shall have to do the housework myself :( and then off to the dentist :((
Never mind out for a meal with friends tonight - something to look forward to.
Have a good weekend folks, will be looking forward to hearing all about
what you get up to!


  1. I am worried you may be exploiting that sweet little bear! There is helping with the chores and there is making the poor little fella do it all for you! We have child labour Laws I am looking into Teddy Laws. I am sure he would find the Dentists very educational. I would like to see photographs of Taffy at the Dentist. Maybe Chester could go too?

  2. This made me smile on a dull afternoon,every home should have a Taffy!I like the look of those stripey shirts,they would look very nice recycled into a quilt lol.Hope the dentist wasnt too bad,have a lovely weekend x

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  4. To In the Sky.
    Lol! If only he was that helpful! I'd make a few more! We did take Taffy to the Dentist (your suggestion!)and we took a couple of photos! Watch this space. Chester is not quite so easy to transport!!!
    Can you help? I'm not quite sure which is the best way to reply to comments on my blog. Do all people get them if I leave a comment or should I do it some other way? x

  5. To Roughing it Smoothly. Good to hear from you again. Glad Taffy made you smile. Rob said 'keep your hands off my shirts' Lol! We had no bad reports from the dentist and Taffy's teeth were fine too. Watch this space!

  6. I am so glad you took the Wee One to the dentist, it is important. I feel sorry for Chester though...I am sure your Dentist would not mind! Maybe you could buy Chester a wheel chair? Just an idea... I do not reply to my blog comments as often as I should, I must get into the habit because I love comments. I reply in the comments thread just as you have. It is down to your readers to pop back and check...just as I have :) x

  7. In the Sky - thanks for that, I'll carry on the way I have been then!

  8. Love Taffy - such a busy little bear!

  9. Every home needs a Taffy, so Taffy if you are looking for somewhere to have a rest, drop in on me. Although, come to thin of it a little light dusting and cleaning would be much appreciated. A lovely blog post and I hope you have Taffy have a good week.

  10. Great post, Taffy is so cute. Is he available for hire? I have a few household chores he could do! x

  11. I think Taffy is a very useful bear to have around! Wish my children would follow suit. Love Chester - I can't believe he only took from Christmas!
    Jo x

  12. It's a shame he can't take your place at the dentist. Such a helpful bear x

  13. Thank you to all of you for your comments. I shall have to work out some rates for 'Taffy's Cleaning Services'. I have pictures of Taffy at the Dentist! Will post them soon.

  14. Taffy is lovely, I have a few 'house pals' of my own and love playing story time with them, hubby thinks I'm a bit loopy and I probably am but I do have fun.

    Jan x

  15. To Picto Glad you like Taffy, it took me twice as long to do the housework on that occasion! I think my husband is worse than me, he is always suggesting Taffy can do this or that! I've just had a quick look at your blog and must say I like the plaques you have made recently. I am rather busy preparing for a 'Knitted Wire Brooch' workshop at the weekend so have not been on Twitter or looking at many blogs recently. Will get back to it after the weekend. Thank you for taking time to comment x


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