Sunday, 15 April 2012

Big Chef, Little Chef - A birthday surprise for mum!

First, I think I ought to introduce you to the stars of this tale.  I would like you to meet Taffy.

Taffy is the first bear I crocheted.  He is crocheted from pure welsh wool – hence the name Taffy.  He often comes with us on our walks and gets up to allsorts of mischief, the adventures of which can be found over on my blog.

I would also like to introduce you to Chester.  He is an extremely large amigurumi cat, crocheted on a 12mm hook with 5 strands of yarn throughout.  You can find out how I made him, on the Chester page over on my blog.

It was my birthday on Tuesday so Taffy and Chester decided they would bake me a birthday cake!  They added flour and butter to the bowl but Taffy seems to have more flour on him than in the bowl!

Having added the sugar already they now need to add the eggs.  This proves a little more difficult than they thought!

Oh no Taffy!  You dropped an egg!  What a mess!  Not to worry!  Give it a good mix Chester, perhaps Taffy can give it one final stir at the end.

This cake is coming along nicely, mum will be pleased!  What are you doing now Taffy?  No, don’t lean over too far Taffy!  Now look what’s happened!

Look at the mess you two have made!  Although, between you and me, Taffy seems to have made most of it!  I think it’s about time we got that cake in the oven!

After a bit of a clean up and popping the cake in the oven it is finally finished.  I think you’ll agree Taffy and Chester have made a really good job of it – in the end!

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