Friday, 13 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A huge thank you to Christmas Pie Crafts for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award.  This was a complete surprise and very exciting as I have never received anything like this before!

Now the hard work starts though!  How do I chose just 15 bloggers to nominate for this award?
Well here goes, in no particular order!  My nominations are as follows:

Mrs Shilts

Highland Monkeys

1st Unique Gifts

Ros Made Me

Attic 24

Diane's Mutterings

My Calico Heart

In the Sky

This Creative Bliss

The Patchwork Heart
Three Red Apples

Heart and Handmade

Coryographies: Handmade Creations

Lemons for Lemonade

Sew Quine

Yay! I've managed it, although it has taken me a good few days.  I had no idea it was so difficult!  I'm aware I may have duplicated some people who already have the award but I hope they will be happy to receive another one!  If I've missed anyone out please don't be offended, it's an incredibly demanding challenge, as my 15 nominees will no doubt find out!

If you would like to know more about the Versatile Blogger Award all will be revealed if you click on the link.  One of the requirements is that you tell your nominee 7 things about yourself. So here are 7 things about me!

My favourite flowers are primrose and fuchsia.

I love bright colours.

I'm very chatty and love socialising.

I enjoy the odd glass of wine (or two!).

I detest turkish delight and aniseed!

I fell off my bike into a canal in Holland.

I have the most dreadful memory!

I hope you are as pleased as I was to receive this award.  I'm off to work out how to add the VBA button to my blog - could take some time!  And of course, I shall be contacting all the lucky nominees in my list.  Have a great weekend!

happy blogging


  1. Ah shucks! Congrats on the award and thanks awfully for nominating me. :) I hope you were ok when you fell of your bike! Were you drunk?

    1. What a cheek! But you know me sooo well! Although on this occasion I was not! It was tipping it down with rain, my daughter was about 5 and in a child seat on the back and I had a backpack full of shopping on the back of that. I tried to go over a bridge without sides and didn't make it! Glad you're pleased with the award and thanks for the comment.

  2. Aww thanks for the award and congrats on receiving one too :)

  3. Thank you very much for the award, that's really kind of you! Going to have to spend an hour or two reading up on all your crafting, you've done some lovely things x

    1. Thank you, I was pretty impressed with your weight loss too. Don't give up!

  4. Gosh the bike incident isn't so funny with your littlun on the back. Hope she was okay.
    Thank you so much for the award my dear! x

    1. She was fine, although she is an adult now and we have never been able to completely trust her near water! If anyone was going to fall in or get wet it would be her! The water in the canal was about 4ft deep with a lovely layer of sludge on the bottom! My husband got my daughter out first, then the bike as it was hired and we had paid a deposit on it! and lastly me! We can laugh about it now but at the time we were very lucky, it could have been a lot worse! Glad you are pleased with your award, have fun!

  5. I'm embarrasingly late thanking you for this award but I'm sure on my list of seven things about me will be being late for things :-) Thanks so much and I was so pleased for you to see the positive comments you got from the crochet class you did with Chester - hopefully you'll get to do loads more of those.

    1. Don't worry about being late. Just make sure you enjoy the award!


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