Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pretty Bits and a Crochet Workshop!

Hello All

Well here we are at another Handmade Monday! Don't the weeks just fly by?  We've had a bit of rain for the garden and a few lovely bits of warm sunshine in the sheltered spots, so hopefully you all got the bit you wanted when you wanted!  I hope this next week turns out to be a really good one for everyone, not just weather wise!

I was really pleased to be a Friday Guest Blogger over at Christmas Pie Crafts last week so if you haven't already why not pop over and have a look.  You'll be able to see what Chester and Taffy cooked up between them!  Ooh and I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, very exciting as I have never been awarded anything like this before!

I meant to share this make with you for a while now but kept forgetting, so before I tell you about the workshop I ran on Saturday, have a quick peek at this!

I used a pattern from Attic24.  She makes some lovely things!  I don't think this one is quite as pretty as Lucy's but it was using carpet yarn and the colours aren't quite so bright.  I made it just after I finished Chester as I wanted something quick to do.

I've just started making Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion, this is as far as I've done but I'll keep you posted on progress!

Ok now to the workshop.  It was a one day workshop at Countess Wear Village Hall.  A lovely group of ladies who used a tremendous amount of concentration, punctuated by chocolate mini rolls to keep the blood sugar levels up!

Here's the hall set up ready for the students

And of course, Chester had to come along to supervise again!

Very busy!  Not a chocolate mini roll in sight - just a healthy looking apple!

Just a few of the projects completed by some of the ladies.
(Wonky photo - can't get it to turn around!)

I was really pleased with what all the ladies achieved, a couple really struggled with wrapping the yarn around their fingers (something I remember finding difficult when I first started) and during the morning I was beginning to wonder whether they would ever crack it.  They had a lot of information to take in, all in one day.  But fear not!  Everyone managed a granny square and some even went on to do a little bag and a flower. 

I had lovely comments from some of the ladies and thought I would like to share them with you.  It makes it all worthwhile!!

Excellent day!
I learnt absolutely loads and made 2 items!
Thrilled I could even read a pattern!

Very enjoyable course.
Clear instructions.
Thank you.

Great class!

Very interesting and informative!
Very patient teacher.
Would come again!

I think you'll agree I couldn't ask for better comments. 
Thank you to all the ladies who attended for making this a very enjoyable workshop!

Hope you have managed to take a look at what Taffy and Chester cooked up for me, they really did get in a bit of a mess!  I have a few other photos of Chester I know you're going to love but that's for another blog.  Hope you all have a really good week!
See you soon!


  1. I think your flower works beautifully in those colours, and I'm still in love with Chester!

  2. I just love the picture of Chester waiting for everyone to arrive x

  3. Well done on your success, the flower is so pretty

  4. I love that flower, it's somewhere on my looong todo list!
    So pleased that the workshop is going well. I think sometimes
    things suddenly 'click' and you wonder why on earth didn't I get
    that before.Glad your lady persevered. Chester is on the side cheering everyone on!

  5. the flower is so gorgeous - as is Chester. A magnifi-cat. Glad the workshop went well - did Chester makes something? Hope you have a good week.

  6. I've never managed to get my head around crocheting, I must give it another go, I'd love to be able to do a flower.
    I think I'll check out you tube and give it a serious go.

    I love the way Chester sits so smartly and I enjoyed your guest post for Jill at Christmas Pie Crafts.

    Jan x

  7. I have a confession to make as a self taught crocheter... I do it as though I am knitting, which freaks my friends out but it works fine for me... I do wish I had been taught properly back in the 60s but think it might be hard to unpick the habit now!

  8. What lovely comments. And the flower is fabulous, I love the more muted colours as well as brighter ones.

  9. I'm still practising crochet and have just started on flowers. Yours are gorgeous and as for Chester - a creation unto himself.
    Anji x

  10. I seem to remember picking up crochet quite quickly when I was younger but I haven't done any in years. My Mum has just started teaching me to knit and as she really has her work cut out with that, I best not ask her to teach me to crochet JUST yet heehee. I love your crochet flower and Chester looks like one awesome cat! xx

  11. The top flower is gorgeous, really effective and I will be having a look at the pattern!
    Well done on the workshop?

  12. All your crochet projects look lovely, I've had the 'Blooming Flower' cushion on my 'to make' list for a while and it makes me smile every time I see it - love the colours you've picked.x

  13. OMG Chester is amazing!!!

    Well done on your award and feedback from your class - i'm sure you are a great teacher and in my book that is a very special thing :)

  14. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. It is lovely to see all you lovely bloggers over here at Fiddly Fingers. I haven't had chance to reply to each one individually this time, but I have read each and every comment and empathised, giggled and become totally jealous at all the attention Chester is getting! Thank you so much, see you all soon!

  15. I love your flower with the leaves! Your workshop sounds like it went brilliantly - what lovely comment you got.

  16. The flower is lovely Alison and the cushion is starting out great - wouldn't mind doing a couple of these for my bedroom. The workshop went really well - Chester seemed to enjoy it too! Have a great week! Mich x

  17. Glad to hear the workshop went well and lovely to see the fruits of everyones labours. Well done on winning the versatile bloggers award, love Liz x

  18. I've just found your blog from TCN, I love the idea of extreme crochet and can't wait to have a go. I must make a seat cushion! I'm also interested in your workshop experiences as I have done sock knitting workshops for my local yarn shop. But I'm a bit of a newbie at it.

    1. Lovely to see you over here! Excuse my ignorance but what is TCN 'something Crafty Network' maybe? I really appreciate your comment but am tied up this weekend so will get back to you properly at the beginning of next week. If you can send me your email address, I will respond to you via email. Hope this is ok. Look forward to talking to you more. Bye for now Alison x

    2. Ignore the bit about email. I realise I have it already Sorry!!!

    3. TCN - Spot on, The Crafty Network. Thank you, To simplify your comments for me I'm happy with actually doing the Workshops, I'm a qualified teacher and have been on many workshops myself, its about where to hold them, how to advertise them and what to charge for them. I can continue to use my local yarn shop but it is very small. I look forward to your comments, thanks again.


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