Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Oh dear!

Hello everyone!

No posts from me recently, sorry :( and this one isn't the most interesting I'm afraid!  
Haven't felt at my most chatty recently (unusual for me, some would say!).  
Seem to have a creative block with Chester! 
If you do not know who Chester is then click on the link below :) 
I desperately want to finish him!!!
 But need to find some way of stuffing his arms and legs.  
They need to remain flexible too! 
I could use bean bag beans again but that means making a case to fit inside each arm and leg and I don't fancy doing that I think it would be rather fiddly.  
Foam is a possibility? 
Or maybe good old polyester stuffing, although I think that may move around into all the wrong places over time and I don't want to stuff it so firmly that they wont move :( 
So .... you see my dilemma and hence no posts and no pictures!  
I'll keep mulling it over in my little brain and with a bit of help from you guys I'm sure I shall come up with a solution in the not too, distant future!

On a slightly lighter note :)  I have been making a bit of mini bunting.  It was nice to work on something small for a change.

This first one is made from a lovely small heart fabric.  I have added a 20p piece to give you an idea of scale.
They have 7 triangles on each and the cord is about 1m in length.

A couple of close-ups so you can see the fabric better.
I shall be making more of these, and other designs as well, to sell at a craft fair I am doing in the next few months.  If anyone is interested in buying one (or two) why not email me at and we can work something out.  I have a pay-pal account and am considering adding a button to my blog if people would like to pay that way.  They will be about £3.75 plus postage.

Well, have to go and get the tea sorted now!  Sorry this post's a bit bor r r ring.  I'll try better next time, just didn't want you to think I had forgotten any of you.  
Bye for now xxx


  1. I am afraid I can't think of any advice for your stuffing dilemma. I had not even thought of the issue of stuffing him. I would use clean fleece as I have enough. Without seeing him and having a look it is very tricky to help. I love the mini bunting, very cute.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You are so kind. I may look into seeing if I can get hold of some fleece. That's one thing I hadn't thought of. xx


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