Monday, 6 February 2012

Taffy's Walk in Kingston, Devon

Hi there!
A separate little post so you can see what Taffy got up to on his walk at the weekend!
It had turned very cold the day before Taffy's walk.  Ice skating was a must across some puddles!  Hold on tight to daddy's hand!
Taffy decides to have a go at rock climbing!  Do be careful Taffy!  I don't think Uncle Martin should have suggested this!
A well deserved rest!
What a big pipe Taffy?!
Careful Taffy!  I think this has something to do with Uncle Martin.  He's a bad influence on you Taffy!

Look out for Taffy's next adventure! Who knows where it will be!


  1. Such a creative concept. Love the photos.

  2. Taffy looks like he really enjoyed his adventure but please be careful Uncle Martin doesn't lead him in to danger! Some Uncles can be pretty irresponsible. Uncle Martin should know better!

  3. Thank you for your comment Wildflower, Taffy is becoming quite a star!

  4. Luckily, Inthesky, we don't see this Uncle Martin too often as he lives a long way, away, in Eastbourne! I loved your comment though, I wonder where Taffy will go next?

  5. Uncle Martin is a bad influence on Taffy. Taffy needs a coat. His parents are very irresponsible to let him go out without one!
    The roast dinner was very scrummy as was all the wine we drank! Extreme crochet is fab loved it!

  6. Thank you Ally (aka anonymous!) I can see I shall have to make him a coat in one of my spare moments! I wouldn't like him to be taken into care due to parental neglect!! I think you must have been at a different venue over the weekend. I don't remember drinking too much wine!! xx

  7. Yeah naughty uncle Martin...
    Thanks for popping by my blog Alison! I've done that walk a couple of times, lovely!
    Well impressed with your extreme crocheting, wow how many strands at a time??
    Look forward to seeing Chester finished. Annabelle x

  8. Thank you for your comment. I love getting comments (got something to do with too much talking I spose!)
    Ally was my guinea pig for the Extreme Crochet Workshop at She was really pleased with the result. When Chester is finished I will have a go at a few more items. I have completed Chester's legs and half an arm! Will post a few more pictures when I have finished the arms.

  9. Taffy's adventures are now my bedtime reading! Hope he behaves himself and doesn't do anything too naughty!!

  10. In your dreams Andy S. Although I may consider a pay per view adult version in the future!!!!! Not! Taffy has been very helpful today. Will post in a few days time! Hope this doesn't affect your sleep too much. xx your ever loving sister-in-law

  11. .... looks like I will have to dream .. as usual ...xx


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