Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stuffed Chester!!

Hello guys
It's gorgeous down here in Devon today, makes me feel good as I have things to do and places to be but would far rather be doing something else (like a little crochet, perhaps?)
This is a very quick post .  I'm squeezing it in before the weekend as I don't think I shall have time for another because we have friends coming to stay.
Just wanted to update you with some pictures of Chester's progress.  Look at the size of him!
You can see I have now stuffed both his body and his head and sewn them firmly together.  I've used bean bag beans as I have a load upstairs that in a previous life were a chair!
We had great fun filling him with beans!  You can see from the picture I had to make a bag to put them in first.
I took a photo of him in the kitchen, near the cooker so you could get some idea of scale.  He's a little taller than I thought he may be!!  And he does have a tendency to look like a bowling pin (skittle) at the moment!!  What do you think?  (Please mind Chester's feelings when you comment on this!!! He is very sensitive!) Hopefully when he gets ears and a nose, arms and legs etc his looks should improve!
Here I am sewing his head and body together.  I found this bit very theraputic for some reason!  I think it was the thought of containing all those beans and finally getting to see how he looked.
If I sat on the sofa next to Chester, he would be far taller than me!  My head comes just above the top of the cushions.  I still need to sew all his ends in - I suppose really I should have done this before I stuffed him but I couldn't wait any longer and sewing in ends is nobody's favourite job.  Am I right?

Well I really must go!  I could quite happily sit here and chat to all you lovely people but I have a lot to fit in before this evening when our friends arrive.  Ally and I are having a 'play day' tomorrow so I'll take some pictures to show you what we get up to.  A bit of glueing string and a bit of extreme crochet using the hunky hooks I mentioned in my previous blog!!

Take care folks.  Have a good weekend!  Bye ... from a lovely sunny Devon!!!


  1. Woah! It was not until the photo in the kitchen that I got the scale. I am really enjoying watching this evolve! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Thank you both for your comments. Should have replied to you sooner but have had a busy weekend with friends. I'm onto the legs now Inthesky will try and post pictures in a few days time. Am constructing a post as we speak about the quirky crafting we did at the weekend.


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