Monday, 16 January 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello again
Washing's in the machine, washing up done, coffee made, just enough time to squeeze in a post.
I've had a lovely few days since my last post.  Over to friends on Friday night for a meal and drinks.  Had a really good night with ler....vly food and maybe a tad too much to drink?!
Recovery day on Saturday, comfort food to mop up the alcohol, walk in the fresh air with my hubby, visit to a textile exhibition at The Guild in Bovey Tracey not far from us where we met my brother in law and sister in law, and some crafting too.  A couple more brooches for the workshop and a little bit of french knitting (you'll be impressed with this photo!!!!!)
My first attempt at french kniiting.  Told you you'd be impressed.  Not sure what it will come in handy for but you never know!  Always good to add another skill to your list! Lol!

This is the outside edge of the latest brooch but unfortunately I cannot finish it as believe it or not out of the numerous beads I have in my stash, I haven't got any suitable for the centre!! Typical!  You can just see another brooch in the top left hand corner of this picture.
Another relaxing day on Sunday :)  Another walk where we bumped into some friends and all came back for tea and cakes by the fire! Followed by Sunday Roast and more crafting in the evening!! A perfect day.

Extreme Crochet
You may or may not remember that I am running 3 workshops, one of the others is Extreme Crochet Crochet on Extreme hooks and using multiple strands of yarn at the same time.  I thought it may be interesting to be able to show people a larger item of crochet to encourage them onto the course, so they had some idea of what extreme crochet could look like.  My sister in law, Lime Green Lizzie, link to her website here started crocheting Amineko cats (amigurumi) which really have a character of their own.  I thought it would be fun to make a large one of these, so this is what I started last night.  Have a look at the pictures you'll see just how high tech the process is!

This is how some of the yarn comes and I have learnt  from  previous experience NEVER to work straight from the skein unless you have a suitable holder - hence the very technical piece of equipment in the next picture!

Ta da!  I am using 5 strands of yarn in this project only 2 of them are on skeins, just as well I may not be able to fit 5 chairs in the lounge!

This is the base of the cat's torso - basically the cat's bottom!

A close up of the cat's bottom!

This is how the rest of the yarn comes.  I have to undo the  chain and choose  3 strands to add to the other two.  I change the colours all the time so he will be a multicoloured cat.
I'm using a 12mm hook with 5 strands of yarn for this project. Not too extreme really because I want the 'fabric' of the cat to be nice and firm without holes.
I'll keep you posted with my progress, if you search amineko in images on google you'll be able to see what the finished cat will look like.  I'm hoping his body will be about 3ft tall.  Not worked out what I shall stuff him with yet.  Answers on a postcard please!

Right, must get on with life.  Tesco this afternoon (yuk!)  Have a good few days any comments would be gratefully received. Look forward to hearing from you soon Bye!!!

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  1. Wow you have been busy sis. cant wait to see Amineko finished. Ameniko apparently mean Crochet Cat in Japanese. Keep it up love Liz x


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