Monday, 30 January 2012

More Extreme Crochet!

Hi guys
Am posting from my sick bed (well sick sofa actually!).  I've got a cold - aaaaah! So have done very little today but fiddle on the computer.  I've been reading a fantastic post 'How to get on page one of google' but am now totally swamped with information!!  And it will definitely be a slow climb to the top of the Google list!! But I have at least now got something to work on.

Extreme Hooks - can be made to order

I wanted to share these humongous, hunky hooks with you :)  Aren't they wonderful?  I just love them!  What do you think?  Would you like to have a play with something as hunky as this? ;)
Starting on the left is a 12mm hook, then a 5.5mm and a 2mm.  These hunky hooks are about 25mm!!
I have a very special husband who made these for me out of a broom pole.  Not the best wood ever but it's certainly done the trick. I think you'll agree he's done a brilliant job.  I can't thank him enough, he's saved me pounds (and him!!)

You can see from the two pictures above they are about 25mm and 10" long.
Look at the size of the stitches!!  I'm going to have to do some serious 'playing'.  I'm sooo excited!!
To be honest I should also thank Donna at Little Tiny Stitches as I came across her blog and instructions on how to make these hunky guys!  So thank you for the inspiration Donna!
You may be wondering why there are 4 hooks, all the same size.  Well let me put you out of your misery!  We have friends coming to stay this weekend and Ally and I are having a 'play'.  The theme being Extreme Crochet - what a surprise!  So we needed at least 2 hooks to play with and I know as soon as my daughter sees what we are up to she'll want a go, so there's 3 and I can think of someone else who may be interested too!!! (You know who you are Liz!)  So that's why there are 4  .... ta da!
I have a bit of mini crochet to show you too, but will do that another day.  Happy crocheting!! See you soon.

If anyone is interested in purchasing an extreme crochet hook, please email me with your requirements.  My husband can make them to order at a very reasonable price!


  1. I Have a 20mm hook that I love using, it was great with some of my own spun slubby 'art' yarn, super fast too! Your hubby is very good making you those yarn eating monsters! I can't help you with your mystery of comments, I have posts that have had hundreds of hits over the year and under ten comments! I will be interested to see your survey results too. :)

  2. Hi ya
    Came over from Crafts UK.
    Join linky parties ...
    Serenity You, 1st Unique, Bath Bomb Creations is 1st Feb then each sunday. Join as many as you can. Always leave comments on other blog. Join FB blogs. Try Pin Interest, Blog Loving. In short it's networking. Mention your blog on FB. Some blogs pay to advertise but others don't.
    I'll have a look at your blog tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for your comment Lucy. I'm really looking forward to using these hooks. I tried it out quickly with 20 strands of dk/aran style carpet yarn which works well but I bet it looks super with thick slubby yarn. You'll have to post a picture so I can see how your's turned out! I'll let you know how the survey goes. I probably should do more networking so more people know where I am but it can be very time consuming as you know. Good to hear from you, talk again soon xx

  4. Hello Lesley from Bathtime team! Thank you for taking time to pop by. I was just writing a reply to Lucy when your comment came in! Great minds think alike! Networking seems to be the way forward. I will certainly have a look at the suggestions you have made. I am quite new to all this so it's taking me a little time to work out what's what. Thank you so much for your help. Look forward to seeing you again! xx

  5. Wow they are big ones and yes i would love a go, but like you have been on the sick bed yet again, cannot believe i have another cold. Won't take long to crochet a rug to keep you warm now the weathers getting colder x

  6. Looks like I need to do a rug for both of us, keep our colds at bay :)


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