Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Knitted Wire Brooch

Well everyone's gone off enjoying themselves tonight and left me home alone! Ahhhh!  I here you say!

I've been busy over the last few days putting together a brooch for a workshop I am running in March.  These brooches are knitted in fine coloured copper wire.  The 'frill' around the outside is made separately to the centre.  I made quite a few of them a while back, but do you think I could remember what I did!
This is one of the brooches I made a while back.

The first couple turned out too small.  I began to panic that I may not be able to work it out but it came together in the end.
Finished brooch - all that's needed now is the brooch pin on the back
To be honest I have never managed to make two the same yet!  I shall probably make a few more in different colours, now I've worked it out, and then I can sell them after the workshop at my next craft stall.

If you would like to know more about any of the workshops on offer, here is the link
I am running 3 workshops - Knitted Wire Brooch/Corsage (the one I've been working on), Introduction to Crochet and the last one Extreme Crochet.

That's all for now.  After all this knitting the crochet hook is calling.  I've not forgotten Taffy though!  See you soon xx


  1. I like the sound of extreme crochet,very exciting,love the blog,Lynn x

  2. Found you again at last, had to trawl through back fb to find you. love the brooches and looking forward to the eztreme crochet x

  3. I wish I was nearer sounds like a great workshop :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments guys, great to hear from you :)


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