Friday, 20 January 2012

Taffy and the Crochet Cat

Yay it's Friday!  Day off today.  Housework squeezed in yesterday, Tesco later but whenever!

I'll start with a couple of odd things.  Look at these two pictures!  I just popped out in the garden because I was convinced I could see a spot of yellow from the kitchen window and there it was - our first primrose and in January!  The rose has amazed me too, not a fantastic specimen I'll grant you, but a rose in January all the same!!!  This rose used to belong to my husband's, father who I never knew as he passed away just after I met my husband.  It must be somewhere between 35 and 40 years old, my husband can remember it in his garden when he was young.  Not doing bad considering it gets cut back annually and neglected all year!

Introducing Taffy
As promised, I'd like to introduce you to Taffy.  He is the first bear I've ever crocheted so is rather special.  His name was chosen by myself and a few friends on New Year's day.   I was looking for a welsh name as he is made from proper welsh wool (written in welsh on the label even!) so I thought it would be rather fitting!  He has been exploring our garden for the first time.
"I like being outside" said Taffy :)
I'm making new friends too.  I wonder who he is?  Doesn't move much!
Look at me I've been climbing.  Hold on tight Taffy!
Need a rest after all that climbing!  Look at this, a fuchsia in November!  Who'd have thought it?

Oooh errr! Looks cold in there, hope I don't fall in!
Hang on a minute, who's that looking at me?
Oooh!! It's my reflection!  Hope the birds don't come down for a drink!

Taffy is looking forward to Saturday as he is going to the Eden Project I wonder what he will get up to there? Note to self! Remember to come back and have a look next week!

Crochet Cat
Well my crochet cat is growing well. My elbow is beginning to ache and our lounge looks like a woollen mill but apart from that everything is just fine.
I've tried to give you an idea of size in this picture.  I have completed 46 rounds so far. 
I've just stuffed him with some skeins of yarn for the purpose of this photo, so he looks a bit lumpy!  But by taking a photo of him on the sofa I thought it would give you some idea of scale.  I am just about to start decreasing for the shoulders now, so his body will be even taller when I've finished.
Look at this! Without his stuffing he has a 42" waist!!!
And look how much he weighs!  1391g - over a kilo already!

Shall need to start thinking of a name for him, can't keep calling him Crochet Cat! Got any ideas?  Drop me a line!

Right that's it!  Washing machine has stopped and cup of tea needs replacing.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, here's to lots of crafting and lots of fun!  Would love to hear about any of your creations.  See you soon, byeee! x


  1. Oh isn't Taffy cute. He looks like the sort of bear that needs Eco adventures. I do hope he has a great time. I love the Eden project. What a big cat! 'Big cat' is quite a good name for a 'Big Cat'. I am intrigued. I will certainly be back to see how Taffy got on and to see 'Big Cat's' progress. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, or OMG as they say now, the cat is big. Love Taffy and look forward to hearing about his adventures. Remember in dads garden. We have had a few climbing pink roses over the winter in the garden, lovely. xxx

  3. Love reading your blog,cant wait for the next instalment,have a great time in Cornwall,we are thinking of going there next weekend,just looking for somewhere to stay.x

  4. I'm glad you like Taffy and the 'big cat' is very big now. I've actually finished his body :) I'll put a few pictures up after the weekend. We are only going to the Eden Project for one day but I am quite looking forward to it. Thank you all for taking the time to comment, it makes it all worthwhile. xx


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