Monday, 23 January 2012

Taffy's day out at the Eden Project

Happy Monday afternoon folks!

I started off having a good day today, bit of gardening and painting the shed - it was gorgeous first thing this morning, I was outside in a T-shirt.
Just been on a trip to Tesco (should've gone last Friday but we either went out or ate leftovers at the weekend as I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm - know what I mean?) and now I'm feeling very Mondayish!  Just bought a few chocolate treats to cheer myself up!  The piece of Rocky Road I just ate, hopefully, will take effect soon!  Not doing too well on the 'healthy eating plan'!!!!

Eden Project
Taffy enjoyed his day out at the Eden Project.  It was the first time he had been in the car so we made sure he was strapped in safely for the long journey!
We, of course, had to stop for coffee and cake on the way down.  Taffy's cake was huuuuge!
We also stopped at Bodmin.  Put two hours in the car park and stayed 25 minutes.  Need I say more! We had lots of steps to climb on the way back to the car!
We finally arrived at the Eden Project.  Here is Taffy with the bio-domes in the background.
A walk around the outside first.  Found a few more primroses than I had in my garden!  "Oooh they smell lovely" said Taffy!
We came across some very odd looking plants though!
And a wall of hemp!
Taffy felt very at home in the next picture!
It was very warm and humid in the Tropical Dome and as I do not have a very healthy reputation with cameras I decided to keep it firmly inside my pocket.  So no photos in here I'm afraid.
By the time we got out it had got dark, we went to have a look at the ice skating rink.  Taffy didn't fancy a go, he was quite happy to watch. 
Next, a  look around 'The Core' (a sort of educational building) which was very interesting.  They had an alternative entrance for children so Taffy just had to have a go!  Weeee!
Taffy was getting tired now so we made our way back to the car.  Luckily since the last time we went they had built a new lift and a bridge so no need to walk back up the hill.  Here is Taffy in the lift and one last view of the Eden Project in the dark.

We had a really good time at the Eden Project and for anyone living in Devon or Cornwall it is only £5 at the moment.  This includes being able to return as many times as you wish, free of charge, during the next year.  Here is the link to the for those of you who are interested.

I'll update you on the crochet cat, who incidentally has now been named, in the next few days.  I've called him Chester.  The body is all finished and I've just started on his head!  Pickies will follow soon.

Have a good week folks
see you soon, byee! x


  1. Love the Story Alison, looks like its a good place to go. Can't wait to see Chester, love the name Liz x

  2. Thanks Liz I can always rely on you to post a comment. Chester is coming along nicely. Half way up the, or actually, down the, head! Will post pictures soon. x


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